Never Miss Another Lead!

A.I. Receptionist Converts Leads On Autopilot!

When is comes to incoming leads, speed to lead follow up is the single most important factor in converting leads into appointments and sales.

Our A.I. Receptionist for Plumbers will instantly capture, reply, and qualify all incoming leads then book appointments for them right on your calendar 24/7.

Speed to Lead Messaging Wins More Jobs & Sales!

Skyrocket your lead capture & booking rates!

Immediate Follow Up To All Your Leads!

Grow Your Business

When you respond to a lead in 1 minute or less, you are 100x more likely to make initial contact with a lead. Imagine what all those customers could do for your business.

Power Up With A.I.

If you were thinking about hiring a receptionist, you won’t need one. All you need is to plug in our A.I., and it immediately begins doing the heavy lifting for you.

Drive More Sales

FACT: 78% of Customers Buy from the Business that Responds FIRST. And waiting just five minutes means that 80% of your prospect have already moved on, and you lost out on a sale.


Leaking Leads!

Lost leads are quietly costing most small businesses a fortune!

There's just too many lead platforms to monitor at once and respond to immediately - phone calls, texts, email, web forms, web chat, google maps, google ads, facebook ads…

  • Missed calls

  • Slow response times

  • Poor follow up

  • Too many lead channels

How Much Does A Lost Lead Cost Your Business?

"Take more than 5 minutes to respond to incoming leads and you've already lost over 80% of them!" - 2022

A Single Solution To Reach Every Single Lead!

Our A.I. Receptionist responds immediately to every lead, every time!

Missed Calls

SMS Texts

24/7 WebChat

Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger

Google & Facebook Ads

Google Business Profile

Instantly respond to every lead!

Get back hours in your day spent on follow up!

Get super-human response time 24/7!

24/7 ● No Holidays ● No Overtime Pay ● No Sick Days

We love our fellow humans but unless you can afford to have a skilled & knowledgable live person instantly answer all incoming lead channels 24/7 and book them on your calendar then you're losing leads & money.

AI Receptionist books appintment right on your calendar!

Smart A.I. Books Your Appointments

Leads aren't just engaged immediately but our AI Receptionist's primary goal is to book appointments on your calendar!

Capture & convert more leads into booked appointments!

Fill up your calendar on autopilot with your A.I. Receptionist!

Every appointment is synced directly into your sales calendar so you can focus on closing service calls.

Leads are immediately engaged, FAQs are answered, and jobs get booked without interrupting your team.

Feel confident that your customers are being taken care of 24/7!

Harness The Power of Artificial Intelligence!

Get Predictable Results

Unlike hiring a receptionist or paying a full-time employee, our bot generates predictable results, void of human error.

Get Time Back

Stop wasting time on tedious, repetitive tasks, and feel confident that your customers are being taken care of 24/7.

Constant Improvement

Your A.I. Receptionist will only get smarter and more effective the more it interacts with leads. That means your team is always getting better.

Speed to Lead

Skyrocket your business' speed to lead and ensure that every customer who wants to talk is followed up with right away.

Work Less

With your A.I. Receptionist handling all incoming leads and missed calls, your team can concentrate on the job at hand and leave the follow up to AI.

Team Handoff

If your bot gets confused or doesn't know how to respond, your team will get an alert to continue the conversation.

Your AI Receptionist is up and runing in one week!

Ready To Roll In 1 Week!

Your Custom A.I. Receptionist will be ready for duty within just 7 days after your setup call!

1. Live Setup Call

During our onboarding call we'll customize the A.I. Receptionist to your company info, services, and FAQs. It already has a baseline of extensive plumbing FAQs.

We'll also connect your AI Receptionist to your lead channels - Google, FB, IG, WebChat, and more.

2. Work Less

Within 7 days after onboarding, your custom A.I. Receptionist is launched into action saving you and your team a lot of time previously spent on follow up.

3. Book More Jobs

Once deployed, your A.I. Receptionist responds immediately to all incoming leads from the channels you choose with the primary goal of booking them on your service call calendar.


BONUS: Easy 5-Click Facebooks Ads + AI Receptionist

Easy 5-Click DIY Facebook Ads + AI Receptionist

You only have to select which ready-to-go Facebook ad campaigns you want to run.

  • Proven ad campaigns ready to go

  • 10 plumbing ad campaigns to choose from

  • Create & publish ads in our dashboard

  • No more crazy FB ad manager to deal with

  • 5 clicks and you’re done

  • A.I. Receptionist performs all follow up

  • A.I. Receptionist books jobs on your calendar

  • Ad tracking & reporting

Save thousands of dollars vs agency fees!

A $695 per month value - yours FREE with your AI Receptionist subscription!


60 Day Money Back Guarantee!*




1. If you complete the live onboarding call where we collect your company info, services, and FAQs, and successfully connect the platform to your calendar, phone, email, and lead sources.

2. Turn all AI Receptionist messaging workflows 24/7

3. At any time within the first sixty days of subscribing, if your customized A.I. Receptionist hasn't increased your lead capture & booking rates to your complete satisftaction and you wish to cancel, we will cancel your account and refund 100% of your subscription costs.*

Yeah, you read that right... we are so confident that this system will make you $$$$ that we're willing to guarantee it.

Some folks might give you 30 days to make your money back, but we're giving you a WHOLE TWO MONTHS to try it out.

If it doesn't work for you, we'll be shocked, but seriously, get back to us and we'll literally pay you* for wasting your time.

*Note that refunds do not include charges for usage of tracking numbers, phone calls, sms and mms texts, or emails, to all of which standard messaging rates apply.

Our Plans



Benefit 1

Benefit 2

Benefit 3

Benefit 4



Benefit 1

Benefit 2

Benefit 3

Benefit 4



Benefit 1

Benefit 2

Benefit 3

Benefit 4

Customized A.I. Receptionist

For Plumbing Companies

Plans & Pricing

Month-to-Month | No Contracts | Cancel Anytime

$995 $695

+ $995 one-time setup


  • Custom OpenAI Receptionist built for your brand

  • Trained with your info, services, location, service area + more

  • Trained with your FAQs

  • Includes 100+ baseline plumbing FAQs

  • Connects & replies to your phone, SMS, Webchat, GMB, FB, IG, Tik Tok, Google & FB ads

  • Calendar integration with Google, Calendly, or included Calendar

  • Live onboarding & setup call

  • Live chat support

  • Weekly Q&A Zoom calls

  • Weekly marketing tips

  • One Inbox desktop & mobile app for fast communications

  • BONUS: Easy 5-Click Facebook Ads For Plumbers!

  • Unlimited Users

  • 60-Day 100% money back guarantee! (refunds do not include costs for phone, email, sms or mms text usage, or citations)

Limited Offer = 30% OFF Your AI Receptionist for Life!



Requirements: volunteer to be a Case Study & provide a Video Review after 30 days!

If you agree, then click the START NOW button!

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is your response time?

Our speed to lead A.I. Receptionist responds to your leads within one minute.

Will it book the appointments to my calendar?

Yes, appointments will be automatically booked and synced to your sales calendar so that you will book more calls and make more sales.

Calendar choices include a built-in calendar, Gmail, Apple, Calendly, or Outlook.

Can the AI ask qualifying questions to qualify leads?

Yes, we are able to walk through any sort of qualifying flow to make sure your reps have the most information possible before they get on a call with a lead.

What happens if the bot fails?

In any situation where the A.I. isn't able to respond an alert will be sent directly to your team and enable them to hop in and continue the conversation.

Can I customize the language used?

Our entire service is customizable so you can always give direct feedback to change the wording or the flow.

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